Our Goals & Guiding Principles:

We believe that even though the current state of affairs is not perfect, there exist the wisdom and the will to solve various problems. Our mission is to identify and implement the actionable wisdom using technology in innovative and collaborative ways.

Our Work: What we Do?

Find Most Productive Way to Use Resources
  • Gather verifiable information from credible and reviewed sources.
  • Build datasets of "best-practices" for a wide range of applications and scenarios.
  • Create intuitive technology solutions to implement the wisdom.
Deploy Knowledge to Suggest Best Actions
  • Generate taxonomy of input and output measures for different sectors.
  • Assemble dictionaries of tractable goals and activities in different categories.
  • Organize and classify the information on "when-to-do-what".

Our Approach: How we work?

Technology with Data & Evidence Driven Decisions
  • Quantifiable workflows implemented using accessible interfaces.
  • AI/ML and Analytics algorithms delivered through checklists and calendars.
  • Progress Monitoring with Indexes and Peer/ Group Comparison
Real-Time Updating of Benchmark Intelligence
  • Crowd-Sourced Feedback based on Anonymous Live Data.
  • Meta-Data Driven Taxonomy Can Evolve with Human and Machine inputs.
  • Variable settings for Priority Areas generates Customized Recommendations.

Our Impact: Target Outcomes

Sustainable & Equitable Growth in Well-being Measures.

Climate Change & Resources

Reduction in environmental ill-effects of human activities without compromising on growth aspirations.

Living Standards & Health

Catching-up with the best, churning of the unproductive models and leveraging gains from optimization.

Effective Finance

Focussing the capital flow mechanisms towards creation and scaling-up of efficient goods & services.

Social & Economic Cohesion

Creating micro-level self-interest-driven incentive frameworks leading to harmonious cultural & political institutions.

Shock Resilience

Capacity building in terms of guidance & roadmaps for the relevant stakeholders under different scenarios.

Enabling Innovations

Applying technological advances to make the work and life more fulfilling without ignoring the environmental costs.

Engagement Models: Make Your Operations Efficient


You can partner with us to: Implement priorities-based workflows. Serve your clients & customers more efficiently. Evaluate performance of strategies. Collaborate in improving benchmark wisdom.


We work with different levels of governments to: Plan & acheive policy goals effectively. Monitor progress objectively & make evidence-based course-corrections. Prepare infrastructure to respond to events.

International Organizations

We enable international organizations in: Developing recommendations & guidlines technology. Collaborating on seemingly competitive goals. Flexible & auto-adapative regulation frameworks.

Next Step: A Work Proprosal

We realize that there are uncertainities and multiple decision-makers involved in launching any intiative. We make it our responsiblity to do the cost-benefit and other analysis for the prospective partners. Based on the details/ ideas you mention, we will create a detailed proposal on how Efficient World can help you meet your organizational goals.

Get in touch and we will create a work proposal to discuss.


Anonymized Insights Collaboration Initiative
Efficient World is building infrastructure that would enable people, companies and governments to share and request data-driven insights without sharing or requesting any underlying data.

Technology and Government Partners:
We are looking for organizations and governments to join Anonymized Insights Collaboration Initiative (AICI) as members.
Please email info@efficientworld.org for more details.

Contribute/ Invest in Us: Towards Efficient Finance

Higher-impact through economies of scale and scope.


We are a non-profit with ambitious and germane mission, non-political management and meta-data driven scientific approach to problem-solving. The funded activities include codification of knowledge, development of technolgy framework, increasing the adoption of efficient solutions through building partnerships and deploying existing knowledge for acheiving goals in new domains.

Asset Formation

Benchmark Wisdom

We implement efficient processes and operational models in different sectors and regions across the world. Our focus on quantification allows us to monitor progress along fine-grained outcome matrices. We leverage on user-reported & machine-learned evidence to improve the benchmark wisdom maximizing the expetected return on investment and identifying the sustainable growth pathways.

Capacity Building

Evidence Network

Support Us or Fund Planned Initiatives

$10 - $1000 General Operations

Donate to Support Our Work

We run very lean and efficient operations. But the expenses for technology development & data codification are significant. You could help by donating as little as $10. PayPal also allows you to make this a monthly donation.

$500 - $10K Membership Network. Regulatory Framework.

Actionable Insights Collaboration Initiative.

Bringing together a diverse group of people and organizations to document and share human wisdom in a machine-usable format. A giant collection of ready-to-use advice on every topic organized in a simple who should do what, when, how and why structure.

$10 - $10K Innovations. People. Technology.

Subjective Well-being and Longevity.

Working to expand the most scarce and non-renewable resource: People's time on this planet. Leveraging the real-world activity data with advanced technology to find how to optimize its use for each individual, for an organization or for a society.